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July 10, 2020 – Wildwood, NJ – Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron today announced that the Commissioners have decided to keep Rio Grande Avenue as its entrance name to the city. “After announcing last week that the street name was being changed to Beach Ball Boulevard, we have heard from a large number of residents expressing their views that we should keep it Rio Grande Avenue,” Byron said.

The name change was first proposed by the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority (GWTIDA) in recognition and celebration of the new gateway into the city. Funded by the county and state, the new gateway focused on alleviating flooding and improving traffic flow. The project also included land and street scape improvements, attractive lighting and other special features complimenting the city’s splendor and appeal.

GWTIDA and the Commissioners looked at the improvements as an opportunity to rebrand the gateway with a new name. After an extensive survey of over 5,000 responses predominantly reached with social media and advertised in local newspapers, Beach Ball Boulevard was the recommended choice. “Although we are sincerely grateful for all the work GWTIDA put into the process of the renaming initiative, too many of our constituents have voiced their objections to a new name for the entrance,” said Commissioner Mikulski.

Commissioner Fitzsimons also supported the rebranding effort but has changed her mind since the public announcement last week. “I initially thought a new name was a good idea for the new gateway, but the sentiment of many residents is to keep the Rio Grande Avenue name. It’s the street name that people have always known for the Wildwood entrance,” Fitzsimons said.

Byron concluded, “I am just glad residents spoke out before we took formal action in changing the name.”


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