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WILDWOOD, NJ – The City of Wildwood swore in its new commissioners on January 3, 2024, in a ceremony at the Wildwoods Convention Center. Ernest Troiano, Jr. reassumes the title of President/Mayor of the Board. Steve Mikulski is Vice-President/Deputy Mayor. Krista Fitzsimons is Commissioner.

Each will oversee the following departments:

·       Public Works, Parks & Recreation, and Special Events – Ernie Troiano

·       Public Safety and Public Affairs – Steve Mikulski

·       Revenue & Finance – Krista Fitzsimons

Troiano returns to the Mayor’s seat, which he held for approximately 19 years while Mikulski and Fitzsimons were re-elected in consecutive terms. Collectively, they plan to continue the redevelopment and regrowth of Wildwood with incentives to attract investors – a plan that began with Troiano over four years ago and that has come to fruition with projects like Pacific Avenue and Back Bay redevelopment.

“I am looking forward to smart development; continued road improvement programs that go beyond flood mitigation; ensuring that Wildwood is an affordable town to live and thrive in; and creating a committee for second homeowners (who are often not voters) to have their voices heard,” said Troiano.

Mikulski shared his enthusiasm and appreciation to all city employees with an emphasis on Police, Fire and Beach Patrol – departments he has overseen for the past four years. “Today means hope,” he said. “We will put Wildwood first, we will win at our goals, and we will do it together as a community.”

Fitzsimons focused on working together, “I will be here to support my co-commissioners, all city hall employees, and this community in every way possible. I am looking forward to continuing to network and work with changemakers and leaders from our county and beyond.”


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