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Wildwood's Best 'Lil Helpers

Our very own, Public Works "helper" (she runs the show!), Diane DePalma, met these two little boys, Mikey and Cooper, at Wildwood’s Farmers Market about three years ago. Their parents, Kelly and Mike, introduced them to her and said they loved recycling and that the Public Works tent at the Market was their favorite to visit!!!! (Diane thinks she has most boring tent, but they love it.)

Now if you know anything about our PW department, you know they are among the most hard working, dedicated, community-oriented employees in the City. Diane decided to go above and beyond for these little helpers, so she had shirts made for them a year ago but didn't see Mikey and Cooper again until this June. (She brought them every week for the last month of the market last year!)

At the start of this season, she once again packed her bin with their shirts in hopes to see her little helpers again. Lucky for us, they showed up mid-June!

Kindness repays kindness, and they sent Diane this lovely handmade card. Diane AND The City of Wildwood just want to thank Mikey, Cooper and proud parents Kelly and Mike. Nice job, Mom and Dad! You see, these kids and their parents take buckets to the beach everyday they are here and clean up trash...just because.

The world needs more people like Mikey and Cooper!

Pictures posted with permission from mom and dad.

Thanks to Diane DePalma for going above and beyond everyday in her job. She is a tremendous employee, and we are lucky to have her.


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