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September 21, 2023

WILDWOOD, NJ – Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron is resigning as mayor effective today - Thursday, September 21, 2023. Deputy Mayor Krista Fitzsimons will assume his mayoral responsibilities immediately. His departments will report to the City Administrator until reassignment.

A word from Mayor Byron:

“It is with deep sadness - yet great hope - for the continued prosperity of Wildwood, that I resign as Mayor of the City of Wildwood, NJ. I have held the honor and pleasure of serving my community as Commissioner for the past 12 years. During my tenure with the city, I have been able to make improvements to public spaces and planned new projects including:

· The Pacific Avenue Redevelopment Project is the revitalization of the historic downtown area for commerce and housing. The area is composed of 315 properties spanning 56 blocks along the Pacific Avenue corridor, from Cresse Avenue to 26th Avenue.

· The “Back Bay” Project landfill remediation. The City is working with NJDOT on dredging, capping, and closing the landfill in 2024 for purposes of development of seven acres and possibly more.

· The Boardwalk renovation project which has rebuilt half of the historic boardwalk. It has cost 8 million dollars to date with funding secured from the state.

· Year over year beach revenue growth from $7k to $534k over my 12-year tenure.

· Major refurbishment of the city parks, dog park and Byrne Recreation Center.

Though I may not be at City Hall, I am still available to help with issues and will be happy to continue to assist my hometown of Wildwood in any way possible. For now, I will focus on being the best dad and grandfather to my loving family.”


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