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Wildwood Bridges Are Not Closing


March 19, 2020 (WILDWOOD, NJ) — “We are not imminently closing the bridges to the Wildwoods,” stated Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron earlier today. He continued to explain that the topic was part of a larger discussion among the four Wildwoods mayors yesterday about how to protect the permanent residents of the Five Mile Island from undue strain during off-season operations amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Many ideas are being discussed, and this was just one that Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera suggested,” explained Byron. “We have to consider all viable and necessary options today and looking forward during this crisis, but decisions that drastic are typically determined by the county and the state. At this time there has been no recommendation to close the bridges by either authority.” The four mayors continue to be in close contact with county and state officials as the COVID-19 virus impacts the state.

“As I stated yesterday and maintain today, closing the bridges may be a knee-jerk reaction to protect our limited resources during this crisis,” Byron reiterated. While the city values ALL residents (both permanent and second homeowners) and visitors to the Wildwoods, the four mayors agree that this is not the time to travel per federal and state guidelines. Byron is calling for common sense and compassion and asking that nonpermanent residents visit when the city, and in fact, the nation is cleared from the danger of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus.

This sentiment applies to regional non-residents. The stores are stocked for the off-season demand, but city officials, business owners and managers have seen an influx of shoppers who do not reside in the Wildwoods. This is putting undue strain on the local supply chain to keep the stores stocked for essentials. At this time, the one area hospital has 300 beds, yet the Wildwoods are home to many retirees who are widely publicized to be most susceptible to the more severe implications of the virus.

We, as Wildwood commissioners, are keenly aware of the importance of our second homeowners and have the utmost respect for them. We are all in this together and TOGETHER we will come out of this a stronger Wildwood!

Full-time residents and second homeowners can stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 breaking news by subscribing to email or text alerts. For more information on Wildwood, visit


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Mar 23, 2020

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