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Phase II of Boardwalk Renovations Nearly Complete

WILDWOOD, NJ – The historic famed Wildwood boardwalk is set to reopen for the summer 2023 season on or by April 3, 2023. This is made possible after months of reconstruction due to a second budget grant from the State of New Jersey per Governor Phil Murphy.

With the cooperation and hard work of the contractor, Fred M. Schiavone Construction, Inc., of Franklinville, 80% of the boardwalk reconstruction spanning from Maple Avenue to 26th Avenue is complete. This has been a part of an ongoing reconstruction plan that began in October 2021 from Oak to Maple avenues.

The project seeks to renovate and rehabilitate sections of the boardwalk that have long required attention due to century old aging, weathered infrastructure, and normal wear and tear from millions of visitors over its many years. The work includes new concrete pillars, decking, handrails, access ramps, and lighting.

Wildwood Commissioners, led by Mayor Pete Byron, sought support from New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy after April 2020 storms decimated a section of the boardwalk which generated the Governor’s visit and spawned dialogue about the long overdue renovation.

Mayor Pete Byron said, “I am grateful for the support from the Governor for two years in a row. He recognized the importance of the Wildwood boardwalk as a revenue generator for not only the city, but also for state tourism.”

Deputy Mayor Krista Fitzsimons is pleased that the project is ahead of schedule. “I am eager to welcome our visitors back to the boardwalk, and I know that our business community is ready to do what they do best.”

There is still a small shortfall of decking material that is being delayed by the Brazilian government. However, the contractor has agreed to shorten the work zone which means the boardwalk will be open for pedestrian traffic by Monday April 3, 2023. All businesses who have been affected in the work zone closure will have the ability to open if they desire.

Commissioner of Public Safety, Steven Mikulski highlights, “Temporary security fencing will be in place at various locations, and we ask that no one tamper with the fencing. Please expect temporary disruptions until fully completed.”

The work is being funded by state and federal grants and local money. Gov. Phil Murphy committed $4 million for the boardwalk work this year, the same amount as in 2021, and the U.S. Economic Development Administration has put $3.25 million toward the project, to be matched by $845,000 in local funds.

A third phase is planned for the blocks between Schellenger and Spencer avenues, with the potential to start in the fall of 2023. Total time for the complete renovation is projected to take up to eight years as funding is made available and work is done in sections to keep the boardwalk open from May into October each year.



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