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JUNE 5, 2020

The Recycling Center hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 1:45pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-2:45pm If you have a private hauler, you are still required to recycle. If your private hauler contracts with you to remove your recyclables, he is still required to take all cans, bottles, paper and cardboard to the M.U.A. (The City of Wildwood collects your recycling for no fee). Trash Ordinance (click for ordinance and newspaper legal notice) New Regulations: 1. Every person, owner, occupant or proprietor of a hotel, motel, restaurant, boardinghouse, market, store, mercantile establIShment or other place of habitation or commercial or residential operation in the City of Wildwood shall provide, or cause to be provided, suitable receptacles for garbage and trash, and shall be placed at the location most convenient for collections. 2. The receptacles for garbage and trash shall be of rigid construction, have a snug fitting top, be watertight and have suitable handles. A suitable number of such receptacles shall be provided by every owner, occupant or proprietor at each location. The City will collect your trash as long as you meet our requirements: A) All trash must be in a rigid container not to exceed twelve (12) 32 – gallon receptacles (maximum weight – 50 pounds per receptacle) OR four (4) 96 – gallon receptacles. B) All cans must have lids. C) Recycling must be separated from your trash. Please place your trash and recycling at the curb after 11:00 p.m. the night before and prior to 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection. If your trash and recycling are collected on the same day, please keep recycling items about two feet from your trash. The City will collect your recycling as long as it is properly separated from trash: A) Cans and bottles must be in a rigid container not to exceed twelve (12) 32 – gallon receptacles (maximum weight – 50 pounds per receptacle) OR four (4) 96 – gallon receptacles. B) Recycling must be free of trash. C) The City of Wildwood is Single Stream Recycling. D) Shredded paper or arcade tickets must be placed out for recycling in bags, preferably in clear plastic bags. E) T-Shirt decals are not recyclable: neither are hangers F) Soda boxes must have plastic liners removed. OTHER REMINDERS: Cooking oil should not be poured on the ground or into drains. There are companies which will provide a drum to store oils, and they will collect the grease for you. The City does not pick up oil or grease. The City does not collect demolition or construction debris. If you are doing any remodeling, you must make arrangements with your contractor to dispose of these materials. You may also take these items to the Cape May County Municipal Utility Authority (MUA) transfer station in Burleigh or the landfill in Woodbine. There are private haulers who will remove these items for a fee. If you have a lot of these materials, we suggest that you get a dumpster from a private hauler. Restaurants are required to cover their garbage cans with lids to keep out seagulls and other animals. You must have enough trash and recycling containers for the needs of your business. Do not sweep dirt from your store onto the Boardwalk. REMINDER TO LANDLORDS OR CONDOS, APARTMENTS, HOUSES OR MOTEL UNITS: Tenant(s) should be given trash and recycling information. You are responsible for providing receptacles in each unit. In case of any violations, the landlord or owner will be held responsible. This is your only warning, any violation will be ticketed. Reminder to Mercantile Licensees All Commercial businesses must follow the same trash & recycling regulations as residents!


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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
6 days ago

These are important announcements about decisions and ways to recycle waste generated by people. geometry dash

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