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Please Support this Petition for Grant Funding for a New Playground

Click HERE to sign our letter of support which we will submit to the Cape May County Open Space Board with our application submission.

The City of Wildwood and the Wildwood Recreation Department have applied to the Cape May County Open Space Board seeking grant funding for a new playground, which would be located at the Byrne Community Center (desperately need something on the west side of town) as well as a new fitness track with workout stations outside.

These new additions to our Recreation Department are necessary for improving not only recreational opportunities for the surrounding neighborhoods but also the quality of life for those who live here and raise their children here. The Covid-19 pandemic brings to light how important it is to add outside facilities to our area to bring new residents and visitors alike to our town and to our recreation department.

The pictures below are just first draft concepts of what will be proposed. A lot could change. Also not pictured will be a new constructed fitness track with fitness stations in the Northwest corner between the field and the track and the Southeast corner between the field and the track. We will add pictures of the concept when available. Thank you in advance for your support.


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