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New Smart Meters

As part of the development of Atlantic City Electric’s Smart Energy Network, new smart meters are in the process of being installed for customers in Cape May County. Here’s what AC Electric needs you to know:

  • We will begin in the southern portion of Cape May County in early September and move north throughout the fall. We expect to complete most meter upgrades in the county by early next year.

  • Customers will receive several notifications explaining that their upgrade is about to take place and what they can expect during the installation process.

  • No action is required from customers to complete the upgrade.

  • Customers may experience a brief service outage lasting no more than a few minutes while the new meter is being installed.

  • Customers can visit to learn more.

When fully operational, Atlantic City Electric’s Smart Energy Network will create smarter and more resilient energy infrastructure that will provide new tools for an enhanced customer experience and help to minimize the impacts of more frequent and powerful storms. The deployment for our entire service area will take approximately two years. We expect every customer to have a new smart meter by the fall of 2024.

There is no upfront cost to customers for their new smart meters. Similar to other energy services and investments that Atlantic City Electric makes in the local energy grid, the cost associated with implementation of the full Smart Energy Network will be spread across the company’s customer base over a period of many years to achieve the reliability, resiliency and efficiency benefits while maintaining affordability for customers.

Rest assured that we are going to great lengths to prepare our customers for this important upgrade. In addition to direct communications with customers, our communication plans also include advertising, media engagement and stakeholder outreach throughout South Jersey.

We look forward to working with you to communicate about the upcoming meter upgrades and the benefits of the Smart Energy Network. We hope that you’ll share any suggestions you may have about how we can spread the word. We would be happy to schedule a meeting or call with you in the near future to share additional information and answer questions.

Attached please find a fact sheet and a frequently asked questions document that provide additional information about smart meters and the Smart Energy Network. We also invite you to visit if you would like to learn more.


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