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Minors and Working Papers

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL) is excited to announce a significant update to how minors secure their working papers, which they need for employment in New Jersey, starting June 1, 2023. A new law — A4222/S2796 — paved the way for Working Papers applications to go digital starting June 1 and moved oversight to NJDOL. The entire process can be completed online at Minors, employers, and caregivers all play a role online. However, schools are no longer involved in administering Working Papers.

Here’s how it will work:

1. Minors and their employers each goes to to start.

2. The employer receives a unique 8-digit code when they register, which they share with every minor they hire.

3. The minor completes the Working Papers application online, entering the employer’s unique 8-digit code, their caregiver’s name, and email address.

4. Email notifications containing links prompt the employer and caregiver to complete their portions and sign off. Caregivers will also be asked to upload a document showing the minor’s age, such as a birth certificate or passport.

5. Minors and their employers will receive an email notification that the application has been approved or rejected. The minor can begin working when their application is approved.

Guiding Minors Toward a Career Path, Educating Young Workers About their Work Rights

This new oversight over Working Papers gives NJDOL a welcome opportunity to reach minors and their caregivers about career services, apprenticeship opportunities, and their work rights at the time it matters most — the beginning of their work lives. NJDOL has developed a suite of online information and services for young workers. It contains information about how to write a resume, develop interviewing skills, and find a job. The site also contains a section on employment opportunities for people with disabilities and the protections and rights minors are entitled to under child labor laws. Upcoming job fairs are also covered.



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