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Mayor Pete Around Town

This social media poster was away on vacation, so we missed the last two weeks. However, Mayor Pete never broke stride. Here are some photos of his recent community events and even some photos from BCMF that we missed when they were in town! Stay tuned for more updates for the Wildwood Housing Rehab project the Mayor has been working so hard on.

Dom Giordano welcomed Tommy and Mayor Pete to be on his show once more. The Mayor loves speaking with him, and he's such a huge promoter of Wildwood. We're so grateful for Dom's dedication.

99 year old Marine, Roland Scarinci was the harmonica player at this year's BCMF. What a treasure. Thank you for your service, Sir. Mr. Scarinci did security work until 9 years ago!!!

Sheri and Tommy Byron wanted to meet Roland. He's amazing! Ask him to play you some Sinatra if you see him.

When in go see Tim Kay at Wildwood's own Surf Beach.

Special Olympics are always our honored guests in Wildwood. Mayor Pete made a very special presentation to his new friends. Check out Special Olympics in Wildwood in March.

Bret Michaels graced us at this year's BCMF. Mayor Pete shared his gratitude for his music and his work with various Veterans charities.

Of course, none of the Barefoot Country Music Fest would be possible without the hard work of the scaffolding union crew. Thank you!


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