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Mayor Pete Around Town

Mayor Pete is always on the go!

New Jersey State Elks Annual Convention

He is honored to be able to welcome this group each year and to be invited to speak.

Glenwood Avenue Elementary Honors Student Luncheon

Date night with Sheri...

...and his youngest son, Tommy.

Wedding of Konstantin Nikolaevich and Ilona Nemirovskaia. Best wishes!

Fundraiser with Governor Phil Murphy and Tommy.

Greeting the BCMF crew who works SO hard to bring us this great event.

Commissioner Fitzsimons, Mayor Pete and Commissioner Mikulski at #BCMF.

The family joined the festivities.

Bob Kelly from Fox29 is always so gracious to Wildwood. #BCMF

Jen from Cat Country on the scene #BCMF.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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