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Mayor Pete Around Town

Mayor Pete is a regular on The Dom Giordano Show

I have to be honest, this blogger can't keep up with Mayor Pete! Here is just a small snapshot of what he is up to on official social mayoral duties just this past week and week prior. I have it on good authority (I see him) that he is in his office super early many days, on weekends and late nights. Fact: He's got more energy than anyone in the office. This job is serious business that takes 24/7 dedication and commitment, but even a mayor can have a little fun, right? Check it out:

Mayor Byron met Middle Township 4th Grade students at the famed Wildwoods sign on June 9th to welcome them to Wildwood for their field day and beach day.

Wildwood's own Glenwood Avenue Elementary school students were hanging out with Mayor Pete on June 10th for their beach day and waterpark visits.

Having coffee with the Sunz Up Cafe crew in Wildwood Crest. Shhh, don't tell Wildwood Crest Mayor Don Cabrera he was on his turf!

Met with Liz Casey and Marie Blistan this week. Topic secret stuff. Just kidding.

Kathy Gorman and Lenora Kodytek from Middle stopped to take a picture at an fundraiser on June 7th.

Mayor Pete's favorite part of the job. Congrats to the happy couple and many more years to come.

For more on Mayor Pete About Town, check out this link from Memorial Day!


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