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Covid-19 Updates

Helpful Links:

COVID-19 vaccine FAQs (for the public and for providers) are posted at:

Individuals can pre-register for an appointment: or make appointment using direct links for vaccine clinics sites. Pre-registering allows a person to be notified when they are eligible to make an appointment. The system will assign a “Phase”. A confirmation e-mail is sent after a person pre-registers.

For assistance with scheduling, call 855-568-0545. The Vaccine Call Center hours of operation are 8am-8pm.

Where to get Vaccinated:

High demand for and low supply of COVID-19 vaccine is an ongoing issue. Be patient as supply is limited and it may be some time before you get vaccinated, even if you are currently eligible. NJ can only give as many doses as the federal government has provided.

Some vaccine clinic locations have their own registration links. These links may be found at

Mega Sites

o Atlantic: Atlantic City Convention Center

o Bergen: Meadowlands Racing and Entertainment Complex

o Burlington: Moorestown Mall

o Gloucester: Rowan College of South Jersey

o Middlesex: New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center

o Morris: Rockaway Townsquare

Vaccination Tips:

• Appointments for the second dose should be scheduled to meet the recommended interval. Ideally, second dose appointments should be scheduled when/immediately after the first dose is given at the same location.

• The recommended second dose interval for each vaccine is:

o second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine administered 21 days after the first dose.

o second dose of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine administered 28 days after the first dose.

Second doses administered up to four days before the recommended date (4-day grace period) are considered valid. If a dose is mistakenly given before the 4-day grace period, it does not need to be repeated.

For more information on vaccine protocols visit

Schools Information:

  • While in “High” regional risk level (Orange), schools should no longer exclude close contacts of students with COVID-19 compatible symptoms. Schools should continue to identify and exclude close contacts of COVID-19 cases in all risk levels.

  • Reinforced recommendations around non-classroom activities and cohorting.

New Variant:

  • Two confirmed unlinked cases of the virus variant were identified in NJ Ocean County and North Jersey.

  • Stay vigilant - It is likely that there are more cases in NJ that have not been detected. The virus variants are more easily spread and could lead to increased cases.

Wear Masks, Social Distance, Wash Hands!

Source: NJ Department of Health 1/22/21


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