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Correction to Article, “Bayfront Wildwoods Homeowners on Hook for Expensive Bulkhead Replacements”.

The cited article mistakenly stated that a new Ordinance pertaining to bulkheads requires Wildwood and North Wildwood homeowners with a bulkhead 6 feet or fewer to raise or reconstruct their bulkhead to an elevation of at least 8' by 2030.

The elevation height requirement is 6' by 2030. This will allow most homeowners to top-off existing bulkheads to avoid a complete replacement. The requirement to elevate to 8' for existing bulkheads is not required until 2040. Please keep in mind that all city properties must comply with the 8' by 2040 as well. The timetable will be extended for homeowners until all city properties meet the elevation requirements.

Also, please note that the City of Wildwood and North Wildwood are vigorously exploring resiliency-funding opportunities to assist the cities and homeowners in achieving greater flood protections including bulkheads.


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