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Construction Around Town

Updated: Feb 3

Mayor Pete, Commissioner Mikulski and Commissioner Fitzsimons want to give you the latest update on some development around town. We will also be blogging in more details on specific projects in the next few weeks, so consider this an overview of what you see going on around town.


Mayor Pete has been working with Ron Jaworski to get a refurbished Maxwell Field. Along with the Open Space Grant, Jaworski has committed to use $50,000 of his own money to see our beloved field repaired. Other grants will fix the track and field, as well as make many other improvements.


Mayor Pete, Jack Morey and Matt Riggins have been hard at work readying the new Sinclair Gas Station for the Rio Grande corridor. In keeping with the Doo Wop retro vibe, the Riggins family has invested money to create a nostalgic and fun experience with first-rate service at this service station. There will be a couple of local businesses in the storefront area. The famous dinosaur will be adorning the rooftop any day now, and the Mayor has been promised to be first in line to fill up his gas tank!


Boardwalk Reconstruction Phase II continues this winter. Mayor Pete was able to secure a second 4 Million dollars to continue to replace wood and concrete that had been dilapidating for decades. Governor Murphy, seeing the damage firsthand, has been committing money from each budget year to help Wildwood continue to welcome millions of visitors every year.


More flood mitigation, more road resurfacing and more downtown development are underway as the Board of Commissioners resolves longstanding issues that have plagued business owners, residents and visitors for a long time. We love the history of Pacific Avenue and want to see it once again thrive as Wildwood's true downtown brimming with housing, hotels and storefronts.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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