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Contact Information:

Mayor Byron, Commissioner Fitzsimons and Commissioner Mikulski 609-846-2044

Release Date:

September 26, 2022


WILDWOOD, NJ – Due to an ongoing investigation with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office, The Board of Commissioners are limited in what they are able to share at this time. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families of Lindsay Weakland from Carlisle, PA and Timothy Ogden from Clayton, NJ who were killed during the unsanctioned H2oi/H2022 event this past weekend. We are heartbroken for their families, friends and colleagues.

Our gratitude goes out to every first responder on the scene. All personnel of the City of Wildwood Police Department and City of Wildwood Fire Department, along with the dispatchers, worked around the clock to respond to every call. As always, they worked in partnership with police and fire departments in the Wildwoods: North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. Collectively, they responded to hundreds of calls.

As the sheer volume of this unsanctioned event spread to multiple towns, Cape May, Lower Township, Middle Township and Upper Township were offering assistance to our island while dealing with “bad actors” offshore. We thank them for their assistance.

The Governor’s Office helped us to secure assistance from all available State Troopers, as well as Ocean City and Atlantic City Police Departments. We are grateful.

The City of Wildwood, in cooperation with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office and City of Wildwood Police Department, will vigorously investigate the incidents that occurred this weekend. We will work jointly with our neighboring communities to further prevent any unsanctioned event like H2oi from ever occurring in our region again.

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