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Clerk's Office Update

Some general announcements from the City Clerk’s Office:


-2024 Mercantile License renewal invoices were mailed on January 18, 2024. All Mercantile License’s are due to be renewed no later than May 1, 2024. Pursuant to Local Finance Notice 2022-23, all rentals and businesses must submit liability insurance when acquiring their 2024 Mercantile License.


-2024 Seasonal Parking Meter Permits are available for purchase. Permits must be picked up in the City Clerk’s Office. We will not be sending them in the mail.


-2024 Dog Licenses are now due to be renewed. You may do so by supplying a copy of the dog’s rabies vaccination and appropriate fees.


-Reminder – All Surf Fishing Permits will expire on April 30 ,2024. Vehicles accessing the beach for fishing purposes shall refrain from driving on the beach from May 1st  – Oct. 1st.


-Driving on the beach and/or boardwalk is strictly prohibited without permits. Permits may be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office. These permits are approved on a case-by-case basis and are for work/maintenance purposes only.


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