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City of Wildwood's Recreation Department Now Open

From Rich Hans, Superintendent of Parks & Recreation:

I am happy to announce the reopening of the City of Wildwood's Recreation Department (with Covid-19 restrictions of course). Please bear with us as we are still trying to work out some wrinkles.

Every day when a member visits us, a very short Covid-19 self-checker must be completed by every individual. PLEASE find that self-checker at

The self-checker must be done the day that you are attending our facility.

If you are under the age of 13, a parent must fill out the self-checker and show your green screen at the front desk when dropping off. If you fill out the self-checker and your screen is RED you will not be permitted to come in for the day. Temperatures will also be taken at the front desk before anyone enters the facility.

We will credit everyone who had a membership to the fitness room so no time was lost on your membership and we will give you a couple extra weeks added on as a bonus to get you back on track.

We will be open 7 days-a-week. Monday thru Friday we will be open from 7am-9pm. Saturday and Sunday will be family day(s) and we will be open from 8am-3pm.

Masks must be worn by all at all times and you must use the hand sanitizers in the building upon arrival and as you leave our facility.

Our gymnasium will allow a MAX of twenty-five (25) people at a time.

Our computer room will allow a MAX of two (2) people at a time.

Our game room/multi-purpose room will allow a MAX of six (6) people at a time.

Our Fitness Room will only be allowed to have four (4) members at a time and social distancing must be followed. When using machines please use every other machine and not the machine right next to someone already using another machine.

Time limits of 1.5 hours will be enforced in the Fitness Room if someone is waiting to come in or has made a reservation to come work out. Reservation will be taken. (609)522-5837

When using the fitness room you are required to wipe down every machine you use before and after use with the sanitizing wipes that we provide, which are available in dispensers throughout the Fitness Room. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us at (609)522-5837 or email us at


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