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Can you help? Greater Wildwood Little League needs more than players.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Rich Hans and his team need players, but they need a little more than that.

  • They are looking for players - boys and girls - ranging from ages 5-17 from tee ball to senior league.

  • They are looking for Sponsors (Sign Sponsors ONLY) Sorry, but ALL team sponsors are full and have been for years.

They lost their concession stand and home dugout this fall during a bad wind/rain storm. Everything inside the stand and dugout are gone: all kitchen equipment, all uniforms, a lot of baseball/softball equipment (all balls, catcher’s equipment, scorebooks, etc.)

If you can help, they need:

  • Small Stove

  • Small Counter Top Fryer (Commercial Grade)

  • Chest Freezer

  • Stand Up Freezer

  • Refrigerator

  • Double Door Soda Refrigerator

  • Cash Register

  • Double Bay Sink with Hose Sprayer

  • Small Hot Water Heater

If you have any questions or donations, call Rich or Sue at 609-522-5837.


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