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Barefoot Country Music Festival is Hiring!

Positions available:

  • Ambassador

  • Barback

  • Bartender

  • Security

  • Beach Cleanup

Job Descriptions:


Barbacks are a vital part of the BCMF Guest Services team and have minimal interactions with attendees/customers. Barbacks work collaboratively with Site Operations and Bartenders to ensure that attendees receive prompt and seamless service. Barbacks are responsible for supporting bartenders by ensuring bars are fully stocked and ready to serve, paying close attention to beverages, ice, mixers, garnishes, cups, straws, napkins, and all other necessities essential to ensuring that the bar operates smoothly. A physically demanding job that includes walking, standing and lifting heavy items for extended periods of time. While there will be limited interaction with attendees, it is important to remember attendees come first- and providing customer service is important no matter the role.


BCMF Ambassadors are part of the Guest Services team and are responsible for helping facilitate an excellent guest experience for all festival attendees. Ambassadors provide support for festival operations in various capacities, including but not limited to: greeting attendees, answering questions, providing directions or escorting guests to various places within the festival grounds, monitoring entry into the festival, and assisting guests with problems or issues and ensuring a quick resolution (and escalating when necessary).

Beach Cleanup: BCMF's beach cleanup crew is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness

of the festival. They are responsible for picking up loose litter on the ground and cleaning the concert area in preparation for continued entertainment. Beach Cleanup crew members support the festival operations in various capacities, including but not limited to: servicing trash bins within designated routes, sweeping festival grounds of all trash and removing waste from the festival site. There are multiple shifts for this position (this crew is scheduled for shifts before, during or after the festival)

BCMF Volunteers:

Included volunteer information in case anyone is interested in this program instead of a paid position. Volunteers work two 8-hour shifts in exchange for a 4-day General Admission wristband.


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