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June 8, 2022

The City today authorized a $625,400 contract to Appalachia Hydrogeologic & Environmental Consulting LLC and David A. Stires, Associates to prepare permits and plans to close the Back Bay landfill and make way for the development of parcels of property.

“This is the first major step in obtaining the necessary permits to allow the city to appropriately close the landfill and open up adjoining property for residential and commercial waterfront development,” said Mayor Pete Bryon.

The engineering and environmental services will acquire an anticipated 8 specific permits to close the landfill in additional to a multitude of associated plans including soil erosion and sediment control, air monitoring for odor, gas and dust, shoreline stabilization and groundwater monitoring. The plans will also include habitat restoration for critical wildlife, recreational and public access to comply with NJDEP regulations. The contract also calls for researching and identifying funding sources to assist the city in the closure costs, which is estimated to be $12 to $14 million.

Of the roughly 18 acres of landfill, the city is expecting to have 7 acres prepared for development in addition to potentially 2.5-offsite arces. Once the city has secured the necessary permits, which is expected to be 6 months from the application filing, the contract services will include assisting in preparing an RFP as well as evaluating the respondent’s proposals.

Byron noted that previous efforts to attract developers were unsuccessful in light of the lack of detailed information related to the total costs for the landfill closure as well as the identified potential areas of development. “Having the permits in-hand makes the site far more valuable for potential developers and it positions the city to maximize its future growth in ratables,” concluded Byron.


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