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A Thank You to Wildwood Fire Department

1/22/24 Juniper Avenue, Wildwood, NJ

Good Afternoon,

We wanted to commend the City of Wildwood, and North Wildwood's fire departments along with the mutual aid resources that provided exemplary service on the 319 E Juniper St. fire. There is no question in our minds this was a high occupancy dwelling with a heavy fire load that we're sure presented many challenges to the firefighters and command staff. Thank goodness no lives were lost, and the exposure dwellings received minimal damage. As homeowners of a condominium just a few properties away, we had every confidence our fire departments were going above and beyond their call

of duty (in extreme weather) to ensure lives were being saved and property was being preserved in this horrific and tragic event.


    Please forward his to the members, council, anyone that would appreciate hearing about a job "well done". No pun intended. Our city's fire department and mutual aid companies are second to none as far as we are concerned. Thanks again for all you do for us, we the people of Wildwood!



Gary, Kellie and Aiden

A note from the City of Wildwood

Thank you for your letter! We also would like to express our sincere appreciation to all first responders and to this community for stepping up to help the families impacted.


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