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City of Wildwood Social Media Guidelines

The City of Wildwood [City] uses its social media channels to communicate vital municipal information to the public in a timely manner and to listen to public opinion. Social networks maintained by the municipality are places for the community to participate in open dialogue. We welcome the exchange of ideas and encourage all to engage respectfully.

The following guidelines are to ensure content is appropriate and compliant with a common Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use standards.

We reserve the right to hide or remove social media posts or block/ban users when comments:

· Are profane, abusive or defamatory.

· Violate federal or State laws governing speech or contain any content or language that objectively could be construed as bullying, intimidating, harassing or threatening.

-Derogatory language that targets people on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation or any other protected trait.

· Include or disclose personal, sensitive and/or private information or data that relates to an identified or identifiable individual without permission. This includes references to names, likenesses, images, identification numbers, addresses or other data specific to individuals.

· Include spam, commercial advertisements or solicitation of funds.

· Infringe on copyrights or trademarks.

· Encourage illegal activities or violate any federal, State or local laws.

Comments posted on social networks maintained by the City may not reflect the opinion of the City and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of posts. Please be aware that while moderators oversee these pages, we cannot immediately review or respond to every comment posted on a page.

The City may initiate corrective and/or disciplinary action if social media activity by any employee or city official violates the law or City policy or otherwise subjects the City to potential liability for such acts.

Members of the community are encouraged to report any posts that violate these social media guidelines by emailing Please include screenshot(s) of and links to the communication, username(s) of the person(s) involved in the communication and any additional information about the incident as possible.


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