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June 30, 2020 - Wildwood, NJ – Looking to prevent a catastrophic summer season for local businesses and employees, Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron today appealed to the Governor to resume indoor dining as originally scheduled for Thursday, July 2nd at 25% capacity.

“The Governor’s decision to postpone indoor dining cripples the recovery efforts of restaurants and will likely be a knockout punch for numerous local establishments. Being the most critical time for our short seasonal economy, I believe it is imperative to return to restricted indoor dining without any further delay,” Byron said.

Commenting on Cape May County’s virus rate, Byron continued, “New Jersey has done a remarkable job flattening the curve and reducing COVID-19 cases. The state’s actions have been instrumental in seeing Cape May County with the lowest numbers in the state. Cape May County is showing its responsible in combating the pandemic and local businesses are doing their share.”

Byron expressed his confidence that businesses will apply the appropriate safeguards needed to allow limited indoor dining. “Local restaurants have had months preparing for a new approach to safely serve their customers with limited space, crowd control, masks and disinfectants. Additionally, businesses have spent substantial amounts of money rehiring employees, buying food and supplies, and changing their layout design furnished with effective PPE,” said Byron.

Byron acknowledged the Governor’s concerns with virus spikes throughout the country and reckless behavior by some businesses. “Obviously, there are always people who ignore the rules and common sense even if it jeopardizes public health. But the actions of a few shouldn’t cause such great harm to the majority of responsible businesses. I appeal to the Governor to resume indoor dining as previously planned and give businesses and employees the opportunity to save their livelihoods,” concluded Byron.



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